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Fighting Mosquitos with Nature

Your Solution for Mosquito Control:

Are you tired of dealing with mosquitoes in your garden, around your home, school, or park?

Look no further. L’equilibre Mozzi-Ology offers a natural and effective way to manage mosquito populations, creating a mosquito-free environment for you and your loved ones.

Understanding Mosquitoes and Malaria:

Malaria, a deadly disease, is transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes. There are over 60 species involved in transmitting this disease out of approximately 430 Anopheles species worldwide.

Some species are more significant as vectors due to their susceptibility to the parasite and their tendency to bite humans indoors. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water sources such as irrigation channels, tree trunk pools, and sewage effluent. The eggs hatch into larvae, which feed on algae, eventually turning into pupae before becoming adult mosquitoes.

Only females feed on blood to nourish their eggs, while males

The Anopheles Mosquito lifecycle:

Mosquitoes mate in flight, with males attracted to the sound of the female’s wings.

After mating, females seek a blood meal, guided by host odours, carbon dioxide, and convection currents. Once they find a suitable host, they lay eggs after digesting the blood meal.

A Biological Solution

Historically, the use of environmentally damaging substances like DDT was employed to control malaria, with harmful consequences. However, the key to effective mosquito control lies in making their environment inhospitable.

When mosquitoes cannot find suitable places to lay eggs or when their food source, algae, is removed, their populations decrease. L’equilibre Mozzi-Ology is the result of 40 years of global research by scientists across four continents. It consists of natural bacteria that compete for food and reproduction in the natural world. This product is safe, highly effective, and fast-acting.

Once released into the environment, it competes with mosquito larvae for essential nutrients, making it impossible for mosquitoes to rest or breed.

Biological Control For Mosquitoes

Mosquito larvae are filter insects; they feed off mono-cellular organisms and from dissolved substances in water (sugar, mineral salts, etc.).

These larvae do not only live in stagnant water but also in leaf recesses of plants (particularly the tiger mosquito) and anywhere else where they are able to rehydrate with any water containing vegetal exudates.

The larvae, particularly after hatching activate a filter mode with a restricted opening that does not allow the passage of nutrients larger than mono-cellular organisms. The micro-organisms found in L’equilibre- Mozzi-Ology, thanks to its formula that includes the appropriate enzymes, multiply rapidly, feeding off the same substances that the larvae need to feed.

In a brief time, food for the larvae is drastically reduced by the micro-nutrients that are transformed in excessive dimensions and were to be utilized as food by the said larvae. (Larvae starve to death).

Mozzyology Action

Twenty years of research and development resulted in the formulation of L’equilibre Mozzi-Ology containing mineral salts, micro-elements, humic acids, amino acids, enzymes, and micro-organisms which are to feed any plant whilst constraining the natural development of the mosquito larvae by starving it due to the enzymatic bacterial action on the larvae’s food.

However, the transformed food (into larger dimensions by the L’equilibre MozziOlogy) is beneficial to Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Bivalves, freshwater Crustaceans, Fish, etc. In tests carried out in Nicaragua, an elimination of 75% of larvae was recorded after seven days.

The said larvae were Aedes Aegypti, the main carriers of the Dengue Virus. After ten days 90 % of all larvae were eliminated.


Apply 10 Kg of L’equilibre Mozzi-Ology (diluted 1:200) per hectare every 10 days. Total of three applications.

Apply 10 Kg of L’equilibre Mozzi-Ology (diluted 1:200) per hectare once a month after the initial three applications to eliminate the larvae and therefore the sickness risk produced by the mosquito in the future.

The female adult mosquitos have a highly sensitive olfactory organ, which is able to detect negative conditions when it wants to deposit its eggs and therefore goes in search of an alternative place. In the normal life of a mosquito, it lives in a 50-meter radius of its birthplace. In consequence, we can determine a band of security that limits the intrusion of adult female mosquitoes looking for blood

Safety First

L’equilibre Mozzi-Ology is 100% safe and natural. It poses no harm to humans, pets, plants, or insects (except mosquitoes). For detailed safety information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet. For a comprehensive guide on product description and application, consult our L’equilibre MozziOlogy Protocol document.

Take control of mosquitoes the natural way with L’equilibre Mozzi-Ology. Say goodbye to mosquito infestations and hello to a mosquito-free environment for you and your loved ones!