L’equilibre de la Nature

Give Nature What Nature Wants


Septic Tanks around the world, are a fact of life and it may take a long time before they disappear totally. Like sewage stations, they are a necessity of life.

With simple and proper management; septic tanks can provide service without the smell and other factors, which can endanger the health of the users.

As they are installed both in suburban towns and cities as well as in rural farming areas, it is important that once their usage starts, natural bacterial activity is commenced and maintained twice a month to eliminate smells, pathogens, and the possibility of contaminating groundwater.


Like all toilets that rely on nature to dissolve the sewage, such as Septic tanks , Pit latrines, Long drops, French drains etc. time and sewage volume play an important role.

Smells of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide indicate that the system is saturated and will not cope with the volume. It also indicates that the natural group of bacteria that decomposes the said sewage is overwhelmed.
These smells are offensive to humans and are nature’s way to tell us to stay away, which in our case we can’t as we have to utilise them.

People’s health is now at risk of being endangered If the natural bacterial activity is not coping with smells, it will not cope with pathogens either and maladies may prevail.

Ground water could become contaminated , starting a whole new set of problems. The problem has to be managed from the start.


Pump out the contents of the Septic Tank frequently is the norm, and cart the raw sewage to the nearest sewage treatment plant.

Use chemical products to mask the offensive smell or to curtail decomposition

Add natural bacteria to the Septic Tank

With the traditional options A & B the problems are evident, the first being the cost and practicality, and the second option risking contamination of the area and possibly the water tables.

The solution is to add natural bacteria and let nature do what nature does best. L’equi Bioflush is a natural bacterium presented in a liquid form.

These bacteria will eliminate offensive odours in two minutes and aggressively start to decompose the sewage into CO² and topsoil.

The sewage volume is reduced resulting in less maintenance and emptying thus the lifespan of the Septic tank is extended whilst all harmful effects are eliminated.


To obtain optimum and sustainable results, L’equi Bioflush should be added to the Septic tank once or twice a month.

By simply mixing the L’equi Bioflush with water (even dirty water ) and pouring it down the toilet. The added benefit of this will be that the product will maintain all the pipes in a clean state, thus avoiding any organic blockages. The product will not degrade non-organic matter like plastic, condoms, sanitary towels etc.

These items should not be disposed of in a Septic tank in any event.
The bacteria and nature will do the work. Decomposition commences immediately.

Due to the fact that the product is totally nontoxic (approved by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry), it can be delivered by personnel who are part of the community and with little training and no skills.

Recommended dosage:

Mix 100 grams of L’equi Bioflush with water per month per Septic tank. If the Septic tank smells, add one more dose, if the smell abates reduce the dosage.


Pathogenically neutralized sewage has no offensive odour and can simply be used as a fertiliser for food or for non-food crops (biodiesel, shrubs, pasture, flowers etc.).

In Septic tanks, there are no heavy metals or dangerous compounds once bacterially treated. Nature uses the same bacteria to do the job.

L’equi Bioflush is exported worldwide and benefits from certifications such as the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA to the PME in Saudi Arabia.