L’equilibre Cryptosporidiosis

Give Nature What Nature Wants



Le’qui Culmen Crypto is a totally natural biological product. Its action is based on natural carbons, fungi, and enzymes. Le’qui Culmen Crypto creates a hostile environment for the parasite while being beneficial to the immune system of the infected animal, just the way nature intended it.

Once sprayed in the animal’s mouth, it quickly makes its way to the digestive system where it rapidly assails the Cryptosporidiosis parasite. The calf or lamb health recovery generally occurs within the first few hours after application.

If Cryptosporidiosis is detected even in one animal from the shared enclosure It is advisable to treat all the animals with Le’qui Culmen Crypto from the same enclosure.


i.) Shake the Le’qui Culmen Crypto bottle well prior to usage.

ii.) Mix Le’qui Culmen Crypto with tap water at a dilution rate of 3% (e.g., 1 litre of water with 30 ml (2 Tablespoons) of Le’qui Culmen Crypto)

iii.) Mix the above well and let it stand for a period of 15 minutes before application.

iv.) The diluted application can be applied with an Agricultural Dose Gun at a rate of: 

a.) For lambs 15ml

b.) For calves 30ml


v.) For chickens ducks and turkeys substitute the diluted application with their drinking

vi.) If the animals are too weak to stand, use a plastic syringe without the needle and squirt it into the mouth. It is important to ensure that the animal swallows the product, to assist, place two fingers on the tongue, and press the tongue down while squirting at the back of the throat, thus ensuring that the product is not going to the lungs via its respiratory tract.

vii.) A single application should be sufficient, multiple doses can be given without risk.