L’equilibre AmmonFree

Give Nature What Nature Wants

Livestock Ammonia and Fly Control


L’equi Ammonfree D is a totally natural product made from soil organic carbons and devoid of chemicals. It has the capacity to metabolize ammonia (NH3) and its derivatives into proteins and amino acids.

Furthermore, it rapidly decomposes everything that attracts flies, allowing L’equi Ammonfree D to be used for both problems simultaneously, hence its denomination D for Dual purpose. Livestock react very positively to the results brought about by L’equi Ammonfree D, any internal respiratory irritation due to breathing in ammonia disappears as well as the constant irritation of flies. When applying L’equi Ammonfree D, it will eliminate most pathogens such as Crypto, Rooiderm etc. L’equi Ammonfree D is totally safe for all livestock as well as humans.

L’equi Ammonfree D is used for that purpose when a farm is hit by such infections together with our other Le’qui Culmen product range for gastric pathogens treatment.


When used in barns:

i.) Mix L’equi Ammonfree D at a dilution rate of 3% with water. Example: Mix 300mL L’equi Ammonfree D with 10 Liters of water. 

ii.) Let the above mix stand for two hours to activate.

iii.) Spray the entire pen including roof rafters, floors, and bedding with a fairly strong pump. A knapsack sprayer will not be able to penetrate the bedding. Avoid spraying raw wood, ensure that all surfaces are sprayed and wet.

iv.) The applied dosage is 250ml of dilute L’equi Ammonfree D mixture per square meter, please note that roof and walls meterage must be added to the floor area.

v.) Apply this application three times over a 14-day period.

i.) Mix L’equi Ammonfree D at a dilution rate of 3% with water.

ii.) Let the above mix stand for 24 hours prior to usage to properly activate, this delay is very important when applied in external use.

iii.) Spray the above mixture onto a one square meter painted wood or painted metal surface. This will attract flies and eliminate them. Place as many of these (traps) as necessary out of direct sunlight as this will dry up the mixture rendering it ineffective.

iv.) It is possible to spray the mixture on external walls, painted surfaces, wood or metal, keeping in mind that the product may leave a slight brown stain on the surface.

v.) The spacing between the treated areas and placement is a matter of trial and testing for most efficient placement.


L’equi Ammonfree D is a totally natural product. Its beneficial bacterial activity competes with the House fly’s (Musca Domestica) for food.

Once the fly ingests food found in the animal pens, it also ingests the L’equilibre bacteria. This bacterium perceives the fly’s digestive juices as pathogens, promptly decomposing them. Once this happens, the fly perishes within minutes. Fly control with L’equi Ammonfree D is a side benefit that provides a much safer and more comfortable environment for the animals.

Prevention Protocol

During the time of the year when pathogens such as Crypto, Rooiderm etc. are more prevalent, it is advisable to spray each pen as per the protocol above. This will eliminate flies and all pathogens in a natural and safe manner. For preventative measures, the dilution rate of L’equi Ammonfree D can be reduced from 3% to 2%