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Protocol for Broilers

Damages caused by ammonia (NH3) in chicken houses for broilers is very well documented. Chickens suffer serious health problems as soon as ammonia levels exceed 5pm.

Some of these problems include

  • High mortality rate
  • Reduced food to weight conversion
  • Burn feet
  • Burnt chest
  • Burnt respiratory tracts
  • Damaged organs
L’equilibre AmmFree metabolizes ammonia (NH3) into proteins and amino acids.

The results are rapid (usually within five minutes after the L’equilibre AmmFree application). It is a natural conversion; thus, it does not have a secondary or negative effect on the birds or the environment. L’equilibre AmmFree primary function is ammonia metabolization, the benefits emanating from the absence of ammonia in chicken houses are important but consequential. L’equilibre AmmFree is safe for all living things including plants.

L’equilibre AmmFree helps in the composting of the bedding and chicken litter.


There are various methods used when starting a new chicken growing cycle. The chicks introduced are generally one day old. For that reason, some growers place paper over the laid bedding, preventing the young chicken of mistaking wood shavings or bedding as food.

When Paper is used to Cover Bedding:

When paper is used, do not spray L’equilibre AmmFree until seven days after paper removal.

Seven days is an indication based on the chicken density in the chicken houses as per the table

When Paper is Not Used to Cover Bedding:

Application from the day that chicks are introduced in the chicken house.

When paper is not used, then you can apply L’equilibre AmmFree as per the table .


Avoid any blowers or equipment that generates noise.

Mixing instructions:

Mix L’equilibre AmmFree at a dilution of 2% with water.

The application requires 150mL of diluted product per square meter surface. If the chicken house is 3000 m2 , then you will need 450 litres of water per application mixed with 2% L’equilibre AmmFree (9Kg).

The above application is done approximately every seven days depending on ammonia measurements (keep ammonia level below 2 ppm for best results).

The application should be done using a backpack sprayer either manual or batteryoperated.

Ensure that all personnel applying L’equilibre AmmFree wear only blue clothing and blue boots, this avoids scaring the chickens.

Where the Application is Done When Chickens are Three Weeks Old or Older:

When L’equilibre AmmFree is applied for the first time in a chicken house
commencing on the third week or later, apply on the floor as normal but also spray
the chicken house internal walls up to 30 cm height.

General Information:

When applying L’equilibre AmmFree on the bedding, it may not be possible to cover 100% of the area due to chicken movement or human coverage mistakes.

This is not a problem as chickens will disperse the L’equilibre AmmFree via their feet throughout the chicken bedding.

Avoid spraying directly on the chickens, although it is harmless to the chickens it reduces the amount of L’equilibre AmmFree applied on the bedding.
The quality of the bedding will substantially improve, the farmer can judge if they wish to re-use the same bedding for the next production cycle or replace it.

During the removal, there will be no smell as there is no ammonia. The bedding can also be used as a base fertilizer without the risk of burning the plant’s roots.

It is imperative to ascertain case by case the above.